RFA Card Trimmer

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RFA Card Trimmer

Postby Kent Gunn » February 1st, 2018, 8:22 pm

RFA Card Trimmer

Tony Miller and Rose Rings have developed a card trimmer. They have some crazy stuff machined for them by insane machinists. They are stainless steel additions to what Rosie knows to be the the best commercial grade paper cutter. (She worked in an industry for a decade or two that used them)

This thing makes straight cuts perfectly, repeatedly every time. The guides RFA has will cut strippers at two different angles: fine and psycho-fine. With some shim stock you can set this up for any angle you desire.

It's similar to the rig James Riser wrote about, here on Genii. Rosie's expertise selected the best commercial paper cutter out there. Tony's machined inserts won't slip. It'll cut an entire deck in a few minutes once you get the hang of it. Tony stole all the card gaffing tools I had for a couple of months, crawled into his Bat-cave and this is his card gaffing love-child.

You are not limited in the length of cards you can gaff. RFA Is making up Waite-sized tarot decks stripped. The trimmer will handle Jumbo cards. Gosh, buy a big enough trimmer and you could svengalize your entire poster collection. This thing is very different than a Porper trimmer. Did I mention the self-sharpening Sheffield steel blades?

Also Rosie has a line on a great and inexpensive corner trimmer. I have four other ones. This one's better and less expensive. I bought the required gizmos from Tony. The rest is coming via Amazon Friday. I'll experiment this weekend and report back. Pretty sure it will do belly strippers as well.

Use the years Rosie sold her soul to Fedex and Kinkos. Use the crazy guides Tony designed and STRIP!

Total cost is right at 400 dollars.

I don't think Tony has many sets of rails. They're not advertising this item yet. Tony will sell you single or double cut strippers that are flawless.

Oh . . . Buy Mike Feldman's book on the stripper deck too.

http://rfaproductions.com/ will have ad copy up soon.

Mike is on here, on the Cafe buy the book from him or co-author Ryan Plunkett. Penguin has it too.


DISCLAIMER - I am Tony's pal. I get nothing out of recommending his stuff, other than a place at his booth to hang out. Mike's a seriously smart guy and sleight-of-hand master. He's a lawyer but a pal, nonetheless.

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Re: RFA Card Trimmer

Postby Doomo » February 2nd, 2018, 9:27 am

Ok... This pretty much sold out... We are packing for Blackpool. We also got the news from our machinist that the materials cost will be going up. Also aluminum is going up so if you are having things made look out. We are honoring all orders made before today at the old price. We will be making more when we get back from Blackpool.
RFA Productions yeah... It is cool stuff.


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